Photo courtesy of my talented sister  @twelvepolesphotography

Photo courtesy of my talented sister @twelvepolesphotography

Alex Cameron writes about health & fitness, essentialism, and self-improvement to help you live a better life.

Hola my friend,

Fitness can be confusing sometimes. Confusion can lead to headaches. Headaches aren’t fun.

My mission is to ensure you have one less headache by sharing my knowledge of health & fitness and what I know to be true and terminating what I know to be not true.

My method of delivering this knowledge is through my blog and newsletter.

Now, although I mostly stick to health & fitness topics, like building muscle, losing fat, and fighting dragons, I also write about self-improvement, productivity, and living a better life. The reason being that I’m still trying to figure things out and need a place to articulate my thoughts. I write about my successes and failures and what worked and what didn’t work, as I go along.

And since this is an “About” page,


I value learning above all else. It can only help me improve my physical health, my career, and my relationships, the most important areas of my life.

I make tons of mistakes. But, I keep learning from them (see above).

I love science-fiction/fantasy. Books, games, movies, you name it. I like to challenge what I believe.

I love pizza…and beer. You know, the finer things in life.

If you have any questions on how to get started on your fitness journey, or anything else for that matter, sign up for my newsletter and “reply” to the first email you get. 

Thanks for sharing your time with me,

- Alex