Photo courtesy of my talented sister @twelvepolesphotography

Photo courtesy of my talented sister @twelvepolesphotography

Hola my friend,

Welcome to my 900th attempt at a blog. I have a good feeling about this one.

I enjoy writing. I enjoy learning. Naturally, this seems like a good place to combine the two.

And since this is where I’ll be hanging my hat (and pants) for the time being, this is what I’ll do here:

  • Document my triumphs/defeats as I learn to build a life under my own rules
  • Learn to write more better <<< clearly
  • Meet interesting people that are doing cool shit
  • Make new friends because friends are awesome!
  • Share quality information along with my personal thoughts on the things that interest me (training/fitness, books, business…)
  • Possibly keep a tally of how much pizza I eat, which is not human

That’s all fine and dandy Alex, but who the fuck are you? Let me tell you:

  • My full name is Alexander Cameron, which friends gradually shortened to Acam (everyone loves an origin story)
  • I'm a recovering accountant. I began my career as a registered CPA in Canada and now I'm pursuing my goal of becoming a world-class strength coach
  • I love role-playing video games, from The Witcher to Stardew Valley...nerd lyfe ;)
  • Pursuing powerlifting to get strong AF and to use as an athletic outlet

My goal is to be able to wake up when nature calls, blast some dank hip hop, and get down to work on projects that truly excite me because I don't see any other way and I’d like to share that journey.

If I haven’t scared you off yet, head to the blog for more…