A Case For Running

I may have had a change of heart about running. I’ve just come back from a weekend of festivities at a Montana cabin and needed to sweat it out, but didn’t feel much like driving to the gym and since it’s a toasty 30 degrees here in Calgary, I thought why not.

On a side note, I finished Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, the creator of Nike, not too long ago and he does a great job of showing how badass running can be and the parallels it has with starting a business. Even if you’re an iron junkie like me, I’ll bet all my dollars (approximately $0.00) that you’ll respect it. Read it, get immersed in the hustle and grind, and let me know if you buy a pair of running shoes after.

Now, onto the perks of the sport…

All the apps! 

I love keeping track of my progress in the gym, otherwise you’re just exercising instead of training. I’m a firm believer that healthy competition breeds success. The cool thing about running is that you can download an app and then use it to run your friends routes, compete with them, and train for races. I tried out the Strava app, mainly because my girlfriend uses it and I need to keep up.


It was a complete mind dump. I came back and felt so relaxed after not thinking about anything except my breathing. I also had a massive urge to start writing, hence this post. Obviously, any form of exercise is going to give you a nice shot of endorphins and make you feel swell, but there was a lot less thinking with running. It’s more of a put-your-shoes-and-start-moving-forward kind of thing. It gave my mind time to relax, which sparks creativity and a sense of well-being.

It was not boring.

I honestly believe I’ve never ran in a beautiful place before and that’s why I held this belief. I ran through this gorgeous neighbourhood, complete with multi-million dollar homes, tree-lined streets, rivers and dogs. The dogs chased me. It was wonderful. It inspired me. Especially those homes because if they can have them, why can’t I?

All in all, I see myself doing a lot more runs outside this summer, improving my endurance, and maybe even training for a race. Feel the burn for yourselves, my friends.