Prepping For My First Powerlifting Meet

The day is almost here. I’ll be stepping onto the platform to squat some things, push some things, and pull some things. Hopefully, if all goes well. I didn’t think I’d be lifting in competition so soon, but I’m glad I signed up. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward…or something like that. Anyway, I’d thought I’d share a little about my prep, or lack thereof, to help anyone who may be thinking of competing to take the leap. You’ll probably say to yourself, “If this guy can do it…” and I will take no offence, as long as you stop waiting for the perfect moment and go for it. I’m pumped. Let’s do this.


This is one area where I feel on point. This is mostly because I have an awesome coach, who has been designing my workouts and getting me amped up. I don’t care how smart you are, even the best have a coach in their corner. Invest.

I’ve been consistently hitting PRs, which makes me happy. I’m sitting at 305, 225, 405 lbs for my squat, bench, deadlift, respectively, at 74 kg (~165 lbs) bodyweight. I definitely feel like I’ll be able to crush those on Saturday. Or, at the very least, marginally improve upon them. Regardless, it’s my first meet so everything is going to be a PR. It’s all about how you frame it!


I’m a smaller dude. Always have been. I think I started lifting weights when I was in middle school because I was tired of being so damn tiny relative to my classmates. The point is that although this may be my favourite part of powerlifting prep, it is also the hardest. I can’t gain wait to save my life. I naturally hover around 74 kg, which is not a bad weight to be at, but I find it very difficult to hit calorie levels that would result in muscle gain.

Since I signed up rather late, I haven’t sweated too much about the diet. I’ve tried to stick to three main rules:

1)   Eat protein at every meal.

2)   Don’t forget to eat a meal.

3)   Have some calories post-workout – usually a chocolate banana protein shake.


For my future training, I want to go more in depth with my diet, such as counting macros, and track the results and share with you other skinny guys looking to pack on some size.


Funny story. I was so jacked up when I realized I was going to compete that I went out and bought a ton of the latest and greatest gear. Little did I know that I’m not quite at the level where you start to see the benefits of said gear.

Here’s what I ended up purchasing:

-       SBD singlet

-       Inzer single-prong 10mm belt

-       Adidas Adipower Olympic weightlifting shoes

-       Sabo Deadlift shoes

-       SBD knee sleeves

-       SBD wrist wraps

-       Socks

-       T-shirt

-       Tighty-whiteys :)

Now that I look at the list, the only two things I would have left out are the knee sleeves and wrist wraps. Not to say that they aren’t quality products, but my squat and bench will need to see some gains before I notice the benefits.

The T-shirt, over-the-calf socks, and singlet are required, but I would just go for something basic. Save the cash for where it counts. Like shoes! I use my Oly shoes for squats, my deadlift shoes for prancing around in my tighty-whiteys...ahem...I mean deadlifts, and cross trainers for cardio or plyometric work. The belt is also essential. I did a lot of research and chose the Inzer single-prong belt based on ease of use, my body type, and purpose (powerlifting beginner).

Ultimately, these will all be personal preference and you need to try stuff out for yourself. I plan to keep it simple to start.

Also, if you’re in Canada, check out Inner Strength Products. They’ll get you geared up.

And That’s It!

There is so much room for improvement, but I want to get some numbers up so that I have a baseline moving forward. It also gives me something to write about. Yay content! I’ll be sure to let you guys know how it goes.